Welcome to UNAGB's Model UN Summer Camp at Harvard Business School!

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Welcome to UNA-GB's Model UN Summer Institute for Global Leadership at Harvard Business School!

The Model UN Summer Institute for Global Leadership offers a comprehensive introduction to the field of international relations through training in Model United Nations. The objective is to give students the opportunity to develop their public speaking, negotiation and research skills, while simultaneously learning about Human Rights and the foundation of the current international system. The students will leave the Institute with a better understanding of international politics and how to view critical issues and global problems through the eyes of many different stakeholders, whose opinions may be vastly different from their own.
Public Speaking Module: This is an opportunity for students to perfect their public speaking abilities through developed speeches, spontaneous topic speaking exercises, and group presentations.
Model UN Parliamentary Procedure: The program will include introduction to parliamentary procedure, advanced parliamentary procedure, how to write sophisticated draft resolutions, and how to navigate voting procedure.
Human Rights Module: The course will cover the foundations of international human rights law and practice, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Millennium Development Goals, and Convention on the Rights of the Child.
Fundamentals of International Relations: The Institute will cover the foundation and history of international relations from the Treaty of Westphalia until present day, including the establishment of the League of Nations and the United Nations, and the Cold War.
Mini-Simulations: Each day, one block will be dedicated to a mini Model UN simulation that will give students the opportunity to practice the Model UN skills they learned earlier in the day and get acquainted with several international issues, including Rise of Slums.
Country Research & Failed States: This will be an opportunity for the participants to prepare for the all-day simulation that will occur on the last day of the institute. The students will be able to research their countries and become experts in Peacekeeping Operations.