Maternal Health

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Here is an excellent series of 4 short videos from Every mother Counts.
Click here to access Millennium Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health
Click here to access Everywoman: Maternal Mortality
Click here to access United Nations Millennium Campaign


Read this document for heartbreaking testimony of maternal mortality in Afghanistan here
For the World Health Organization's maternal mortality factsheet, click here
Read about how the girl effect is working to end root causes of maternal mortality here
For UN Millennium Goal number 5, to decrease maternal mortality, click here
For UNICEF's commitment to Millennium Goal number 5, click here
For the World Food Program's efforts in decreasing maternal malnutrition, click here
For the World Health Organization's assessment of maternal malnutrition, click here
Information on global maternity leave
For signatories of the CEDAW, click here

Click here to access the eAtlas of Global Development, an excellent source of world maternal mortality. Simply type in "maternal mortality' into the search box and choose the second option.